sleepless nightssssss

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Relatable posts daily?

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Relatable posts daily?

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Forgive your sin’s with that Church Og by pazalikocollective

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Party time

tbh i love weed porn

useless tears

Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t call. I wish you would just stay out of my life because it’s not like you’ve made much of an effort to be in it. You rarely call but every time you do, you remind me that you’re alive and there yet you’re so absent from my life. You got married and you didn’t even tell me. I wanted to be there but I guess it’s your life now. I used to call you every other day just to hear your voice but you can’t even call your own daughter to tell her you’re married or in the US or anything. You don’t know anything about me or what I like or what I don’t. It’s like you’re not even a part of my life so why do you keep trying to act as if you are. Whatever, you expect too much out of a relationship that you put very little effort into.


Wait no… saying that makes me even more stressed. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one causing myself stress because I think I’m stressed all the time. I just gotta breathe and sometimes I forget to tell myself to and that things will be okay. My weight is killing me. My SAT is killing me. My relationships with friends or the lack of is killing me. I’m killing myself. I have time… it’s not the end of the world. I can do this. Just..

long time no tumbl

heh get it. jk i’m so freaking ready for school to be over you have no idea like jeeeeeeeez school sucks ass. and here i am procrastinating like freaking crazy. didn’t even know it was 1. oh well 

all i want is a blunt right now. 


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